Top-notch quality made in Germany.

By means of a high technical level of production in conjunction with the handiwork of reliable, experienced employees, we guarantee excellent quality that is made in Germany.

We also set standards in the area of environmental protection and by means of innovative manufacturing equipment, we meet the environmental requirements, which are set for us, to the fullest extent.

In principle, we use only high-quality raw materials to achieve consistently high standards and to guarantee a long service life for the work pieces. Therefore we obtain block material exclusively from reputable German suppliers.

In addition to that, the following material testing is performed:

  1. chemical / spectral analysis
  2. tensile testing
  3. notched-bar impact testing
  4. hardness testing
  5. flexural testing
  6. radiographic testing
  7. dye penetrant inspection
  8. REM/REM-EDX analysis

We will be delighted to provide factory and test certificates in accordance with DIN 10204 upon request.